Media Seasons

Coraline and Ember

Just as the late winter temperatures shot up this weekend to remind me of the changing seasons, my sons and I took time to view two films based on books.  I’ve been anxiously waiting for Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, so we bought our tickets early for the local Cineplex theater.   

After  dinner and a walk with the dog through the sloshy mud of melting snow, we popped in the quick-to-video/DVD format of City of Ember.   I’m just fascinated with the book to film adapatations that occur.  For example, the film version of City of Ember remains quite true to its text beginnings.  Yet, as a reader,  I envisioned it so differently.  My imagined box was ornate rather than utilitarian.  Its disappearance occurred more gradually in my mind. 

The film Coraline also stays true to its textual beginnings as it, too, pulls us into the story as reader/viewer.  Of course, Gaiman’s visual renderings through words lay the groundwork.  We are treated with the mice, and those deliciously poetic words.

Since I first read Coraline a few years ago, I’ve been able to follow some of its progress to film via Gaiman’s awesome webpage at  .  I hope he always posts his photograph holding the oddly human-shaped tomato.  Somehow, it so aptly sums up his ability to take the ordinary and make it extra-ordinary.  Of course, the red object somehow draws our attention away from the creator—just as Gaiman’s characters capture our interest.


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