Media Seasons

a definition of screening

Are you “screening”? 

I love following the etymology of words and coining of new ones.  Take a look at this new entry in the urbandictionary:

 “Screening” just seems to over value only one of the components of the act of “screening.”  What is the relevance of screens without the depth of thought from the person who is reading what is on the screen?   This definition calls to mind the much-older phrase “tabula rasa.”  If screening were merely this urbandictionary definition, the “blank slate” of the screener’s eye lens would merely reflect what is viewed on the screen.  It’s those connections the one who screens screener makes that should be the focus. 

  This distinction reminds me of the ongoing dilemma in my professions.  Do we call ourselves librarians OR library media specialists OR information specialists OR some other newfangled word?  I much prefer the morphing of the word “librarian” to include more media as it is invented and created in new forms.  The power of libraries are what the users DO with the collections at hand. 


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